We wish to have a better understanding of whether a phone being called releases a greater amount of radiation than a phone that is left alone, also in this process, we would like to find out which models of cellphones emit the greatest amount of radiation.

Nowadays, people use mobile phones and carry their mobile phones around with them every moment, every second. Thus making this research useful for modern people as it plays a major role in our daily lives. We will vary the brand of phones such as (Samsung S5, pocket neo, iPhone 3gs, 6+, Sony XperiaV, XiaoMi RedMi, Nokia). The project will be done using multiple equipments and a series of steps.

We have chosen to research on the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) the different brands of cell phones models emit.

We were planning to use a Radio Frequency meter (Rf meter) to measure the amount of EMR emitted but as the Rf meter has no graphing tool and it only measures the amount of EMR at that point of time, which fluctuates a lot, thus making it hard for us to get an accurate and precise reading.

Therefore, since the amount of EMR is directly proportional to the amount of voltage produced, we have decided to measure the voltage instead of measuring the EMR.

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