5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of Findings
When the phone is called, it will give out a higher and more inconsistent voltage range as compared to the same handphone when not being used.

5.2 Practical Applications
Nowadays, a lot of people have their own handphones, even young kids at the mere age of 5 would have a basic mobile phone. Thus, based on our findings, we can apply this to our lives by trying not to use our phones too often, especially for calling purposes. We could try not to sleep in the same room as the phone and other electronic devices as that would increase unnecessary radiation absorbed by the body.

5.3 Areas for further study
How can we reduce the amount of radiation emitted from our phones? How is electromagnetic radiation related to Voltage? What are short / long term effects on humans and the environment caused by electromagnetic radiation.


  1. Maybe you can do further studies on what other factors affect your experiment?

  2. Do different materials used for phone covers affect the radiation emitted?