Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Difference between EMR and Voltage?

EMR: Full name is ElectroMagnetic Radiation. It is about radiation.

Voltage: It is about electricity

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Generating research questions

  1. What is EMR? What are the causes and effects of EMR?
  2. What is voltage? How is it being related to EMR?
  3. What are the possible health hazards of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
  4. What are the effects of EMR on humans?
  5. What research has been done on this subject?
  6. Do different brands release different amounts of EMR?
  7. Does EMR affect the caller and the receiver?
  8. Which phone is most harmful in terms of voltage when called and when not being used?


The more advanced a cellphone is, it will give out a higher amount of voltage than a less advanced model and the higher the voltage, the stronger the resultant electromagnetic force.

Variables of the project

Independent variable: 
The brand of cellphones (Iphone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, XiaoMi)

Dependant variable:
The amount of voltage given out by phones before a phone call, when the phone call is picked up and after picking up the phone call

Constant variable:
The location of the caller
The kind of phone the person uses to call